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Informal Educator Resources


Imagine Mars The Imagine Mars Project is a national arts, sciences, and technology education initiative that leads children or students to work together with scientists, engineers, artists, and civic leaders to design and share a futuristic Mars community for 100 people. Children or students explore their home community and decide what cultural, scientific and artistic elements are important to a community's success. They discover the extreme martian environment and imagine what life might be like on the red planet. Finally, they create a project that artistically reflects their knowledge of Mars, understanding of community, and hopes for the future. Students share their finished project by posting it in the online gallery.


Explore Mars! - Inside and Out Hands-on, standards based activity module from the Lunar and Planetary Institute in which children ages 8-13 examine the surface features of Mars and Earth and infer what they tell us about the interiors of the two planets. Great for libraries!


Mapping Channels and Craters Make a simple map and interpret the geologic history of a part of the surface of Mars.


Marsquest Online Launch a spacecraft to Mars, explore its volcanoes and canyons, solve mysteries about the search for life and more!


Be a Martian Be a Martian enables the public to participate as citizen scientists to assist Mars science teams studying data about the Red Planet, as well as learn about the planet in general.


Ask Dr. C Dr. C. is a computerized scientist designed to answer questions about Mars. Dr. C. is in beta form, which means he's new and we're testing him out... and you can help!

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