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Le Deit et al., 2015

Le Deit L., Mangold N., Forni O., Anderson R., Blaney D., Cousin A., Fabre C., Fisk M., Gasnault O., Lanza N., Lasue J., Le Mouelic S., Maurice S., McLennan S.M., Meslin P.-Y., Nachon M., Newsom H., Rapin W., Rice M., Sautter V., Schroeder S., Stack K., Sumner D., Wiens R.C., and the MSL Science Team (2015) Constraining the chemical composition of the sedimentary record in Gale crater, Mars, using the ChemCam instrument onboard the MSL Curiosity rover. 2nd International Conference on Stratigraphy, 9-13 July, Graz, Austria.

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