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McConnochie et al., 2015

McConnochie T.H., Smith M.D., Bender S., Wolff M.J., Johnson J.R., Lemmon M.T., Wiens R.C., Maurice S., Gasnault O., Blaney D., DeFlores L.P., Harri A.-M., Kemppinen O., Genzer M., Moores J.E., Wong M.H., Trainer M.G., Martin-Torres F.J., Zorzano M.-P., de la Torre Juarez M., Franz H.B., Barraclough B.L., Atreya S.K., Mahaffy P.B., and Lefevre F. (2015) ChemCam passive sky spectroscopy at Gale crater: Diurnal and season cycles of O2, H2O and aerosols. Fall AGU, San Francisco, December 14-18.

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