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My name is Ben Clark and I live in Littleton, CO, USA. I am a geochemist and will help interpret how the compositions of rocks, soils and sediments that we analyze are related to other materials on Mars and what they tell us about the history of the planet. As part of the ChemCam team, I will be making comparisons with the data we get from Curiosity to a large set of data we now have on Mars and an even larger set of information for the Earth. I also work on other missions, including Comet...


My name is Alexis Paillet. I am an engineer with the ChemCam instrument and I live in Toulouse, France. I was involved with the tests that simulated the temperatures and air pressures ChemCam will experience on Mars. I also took part in tests that simulated the vibrations ChemCam will experience during launch. When not working on ChemCam, I am involved with other space projects including Earth and astronomical observations. When I was young I was interested astronomy, especially...


Hello! My name is Laurent Pares. I am an optical engineer and I live in Toulouse, France. My role on ChemCam was to design the optics within ChemCam that would allow it to zap rock and soil samples and capture the light given off by the zapped samples. When not working on ChemCam, I work on projects designing instruments for astrophysical applications. On one project, I worked with a laser which was able to create a plasma when focused on a target; ironically my job was to prevent the plasma...

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My name is Patrick Pinet and I live in Toulouse, France. I am a planetary scientist with expertise in the field of planetary surfaces studies. As a member of the ChemCam team, I contributed to the characterization of the potential landing sites for MSL and assisted in the selection of analysis tools that will be used for interpreting the ChemCam observations. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer, a medical doctor, an astronaut or an astronomer. I had also a deep interest in rocks but...


Hi! My name is Sam Clegg. I live in Los Alamos, NM, USA and I am a co-investigator on ChemCam. I operate the Los Alamos National Laboratory LIBS lab where we investigate ChemCam observations. I also participate in the ChemCam instrument calibration and interpretation of observations. When I am not working on ChemCam, I am coaching baseball.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut and a baseball player. I was very interested in the space shuttle missions but not specifically...


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