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Hello, my name is Yves Langevin and I live in Palaiseau, near Paris, France. As a ChemCam team member, my main interest is in mineralogy, specifically, linking the ChemCam analyses on the surface with the results from orbiting experiments, in particular OMEGA on Mars Express. When I’m not working on ChemCam, I am preparing, as co-PI, for a major experiment onboard the European mission to Mercury (BepiColombo). I also manage a space laboratory near Paris and participate in defining the...

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My name is Muriel Saccoccio. I am an engineer, living in Toulouse, France, and working at CNES, the french space agency.

At the beginning of the ChemCam project, in the early 2000s, I was responsible for the development of the ChemCam laser, using my previous experience
in the development of lasers for space applications for CNES.

In 2005, I became the project manager for the development of the french part of ChemCam (Mast Unit, the unit containing the camera and the...

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Hello! My name is Eric Lorigny. I live in Toulouse, France and I am responsible for ChemCam operations at the Mars Operation Centre at CNES. My role on ChemCam is to prepare the CNES Mars Operation Centre to operate two instruments on Curiosity – ChemCam and the gas chromatograph in the SAM instrument. When I am not working on ChemCam, I enjoy reading books on Mars and gardening.

When I was young, I wanted to find a way to deliver water to people who live in desert. As an...


My name is Chris McKay. I live in Mountain View, CA, USA and I am a member of the ChemCam science team. My focus will be on the astrobiology related aspects of the MSL mission and how ChemCam can contribute to these. My field work in Mars-like places on Earth and my participation in the Phoenix mission have prepared me for my work with ChemCam.

I wasn’t particularly interested in Mars when I was young but that changed with the Viking missions to Mars. That mission sent twin...


My name is Jeremie Lasue and I live in Los Alamos, NM, USA. My role on ChemCam is to identify rock types and determine their composition, for example I determine if the rocks are volcanic or sedimentary in origin. Most important, I determine if the rocks have been altered by water. I spend most of my free time with my infant daughter and my wife. Every day is more wonderful thanks to them. We enjoy the amazing landscapes of New Mexico surrounding Los Alamos.

I have worked on a...


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