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Read the article by Kenneth Chang in The New York Times, about the arrival of Curiosity on Mars "some of the most sophisticated science tools ever devised."


ChemCam and the Lunar and Planetary Institute present "Mars Revealed: Evolving Technology, Advancing Science", a 30-hour, 5 day workshop for high school teachers (both those currently teaching high school and those preparing to teach high school) investigating Mars science and exploration. Participants will investigate the geology of Earth and Mars, the history of Mars exploration and how scientists’...


NASA began a historic voyage to Mars with the Nov. 26 launch of the Mars Science Laboratory, which carries a car-sized rover named Curiosity. With much fanfare, Curiosity lifted-off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard an Atlas V rocket occurred at 10:02 a.m. EST (7:02 a.m. PST).  Curiosity's ambitious science goals are among the mission's many differences from earlier Mars rovers. It will use a drill and scoop at the end of its robotic arm to gather soil and powdered samples of...


NASA announced that Gale Crater will be the landing site for the Curiosity rover. The actual science target is a 5 kilometer high mountain of sedimentary material in the middle of this huge crater. Orbital images and spectra show clearly defined rock strata laid down over a long time span thought to cover perhaps a billion years. On Earth geologists look for places to examine sequences of rock layers to understand the geologic history, using features such as road cuts and...


The MSL project organized a training exercise designed to test the teams’ skills in planning rover operations on a realistic timeline. The test included a simulated “rover” at an undisclosed field location on Earth while the science team acted as if the rover was on Mars.

Science planning is the daily process by which the scientists review the observations made on Mars and generate new commands for the rover. It is like a geologist field trip, except that the...


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